Events & arts

Ealing aspires to be creative and artistic and the BID invests in programmes to ensure this vibrancy is supported. The draw that arts, culture, music and sports related events and projects bring to the town is there to be seen.

Make it Ealing was instrumental in bringing a popular outdoor cinema to Ealing. The Rooftop Society, a month long open air rooftop cinema experience, was successful in bringing entertainment and arts to the area, showcasing Ealing as a vibrant town centre, drawing in new audiences, enabling our businesses to benefit from increased sales and encouraging positive conversation about the area.

Some of the ways the BID has changed things include:

  • Publish a local Ealing magazine ‘The Line’, inspiring and encouraging customers to visit and spend in the town centre;
  • Run quarterly town centre events on closed roads, on open spaces or in pop-ups, focussed on the themes of film, food, sport and art;
  • Highlighted areas in Ealing town centre suitable for daily or weekly activities and manage a programme of free public entertainment;
  • Promote Make it Ealing as the go to place for information on all things Ealing town centre;
  • Capitalise on the opportunities brought by other events such as Ealing Half Marathon or the Ealing Summer Festival;
  • Produce a local map with business listings, places of interest, local highlights and open spaces;
  • Set out free Make it Ealing deckchairs in public areas in summer to increase dwell time and improve the enjoyment of the town centre;
  • Actively market Ealing town centre to prospective retailers;