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Meet Zackarai Ali, co-founder of new business OBSE Taxation based in Aurora House Ealing and Castlemead in Bristol.

When I asked him about his USP, he replied “How about civil war refugee with no shoes to entrepreneur tax advisor?”

Zack’s journey is an inspiring story of determination over adversity.

Spending most of his childhood in a Somalian refugee camp, Zack arrived in England aged 15, with very little knowledge of the English language and virtually no education.

He giggles as he recounts the culture shock of seeing women driving cars on his arrival in the UK. England was a different world.

Leaving school at 16 with no ‘O’ levels, he went to College and did a Business Foundation course, which completely changed the direction of his life.

After four years of complete dedication, and the help of fantastic teachers, Zack passed with distinction and gained a place at University to study accountancy and finance.

Zack is now celebrating 25 years in the UK and is candid about how his life could have turned out. He believes he has a lot to offer with his infectious enthusiasm for work, and empathy for the cultural and language struggles people face every day with their tax or business concerns.

Obse, the company name, is a play on the word ‘Obsession.’ Obsessed with achieving perfection, it is built on over 20 years’ experience in the tax industry and latterly as a Business Analyst for The Guardian as part of their diversity team.  Find out more https://www.obsetaxation.co.uk/