FARA Charity Turns 30


In a little shop on Ealing Green, usually with a crowd of prams on the pavement outside, customers shop for children’s clothes, toys, buggies, & books. This is FARA’s Ealing Kids,

But this shop, alongside another 39 charity shops in 27 London communities, is tied to the fates of children kilometres away. This year, FARA says, “We’re celebrating 30 years of transforming the lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in Romania!”

The organisation started when founder Jane Nicholson visited Romania after the fall of dictator Ceausescu’s regime. After encountering the terrible condition in which thousands of children were living in state-run orphanages, Nicholson started FARA, meaning ‘without’ in Romanian. Over the past 30 years, it has grown into one of the largest care providers in Romania.

One of the children FARA saved was Iuliana Georgiana – placed in a state orphanage aged six. luliana was rescued and placed in a FARA family home alongisde 14 others. With proper care and support, she flourished, She studied communications and, in 2014 she moved to West London with her husband to raise their own two children. 

Congratulations FARA on 30 years of vital work. Let’s all continue to show our support at FARA Kids on the Green, or shop online

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