Sinton Andrews Celebrates its 40th Anniversary


Thanks to Philip Andrews for taking his time to talk to MIE as part of this blog.

It was the 14th of August 1981 when friends Gary Sinton and Philip Andrews first opened their doors to the now iconic Sinton Andrews. They took on the challenge of starting an independent real estate company out of a dissatisfaction for working for other people. They were both working in Ealing at the time and so it made sense for them to open their business in the area as well. 

The two of them spent the weeks before opening day scouring through newspaper listings (something that isn’t as prominent these days) contacting property owners trying to build up a workable register. They took up shop in a cramped room in West Ealing Station with a handful of listings and the uncertainty of whether they would succeed. Philip recalls the feeling of receiving their first commission after “running on air” and described it as “the best feeling in the world at the time”.

In 1988 they moved on from their location in West Ealing Station to open their long-standing branches in Northfields and Ealing Broadway. Philip attributes the company’s growth and success to their commitment to customer satisfaction, and says their utmost priority at the time was to ensure both parties were genuinely satisfied. This attitude towards their customers saw them becoming recognisable names and eventually led to them opening a third branch in Hanwell in 1994.

Reminiscing about the past and seeing the markets change (Philip showed me an old listing he sold for £37.5k that is currently valued at £900k…) Philip talked about how Ealing, and Ealing Broadway in particular, has gone from being in the shadows to “the place everyone really wants to come to”. 40 years on Sinton Andrews remains as successful as ever, and forms part of the iconic history that makes Ealing, and Ealing Broadway, so special. Congratulations Sinton Andrews – here’s to another 40 years to come!

Fun fact: MIE asked Philip about one of the more memorable events from the early years of their business and he mentioned that they’d sold 22 flats in one morning! If that doesn’t tell you things are moving up, I don’t know what will!