The Soma Room – Ealing Hero Campaign


Thanks to Sophie Rose for taking the time to talk to MIE as part of this blog.

Throughout the month of September, The Soma Room is accepting nominations for local heroes – everyone from NHS workers to your kindly neighbour – and one lucky pair of winners will get themselves a 60-minute massage gift voucher. This means both the person nominating and the local hero will get a chance to win some well-deserved rest and relaxation. To place your nominations please click here.

The Soma Room started back in 2014 when Sophie first moved to the area. She spotted an opportunity to start a business in a room down an unassuming little alleyway (7 Spring Bridge Mews) and took up shop offering professional massage therapy in a comfortable and welcoming space. A few years down the line she had managed to take over the entire premises thanks to the many loyal clients she had gotten over the years.

One of the reasons for her many loyal customers is the importance she places on giving back to the local community. The Ealing Hero campaign was born out of a desire to shine a spotlight on the everyday people doing extraordinary things all in the name of community – and was something that had been on her mind for at least the last few years. “A lot of people deserve to be recognised and this is our small part in doing what we can to try and find these people and celebrate them”.

To find out more about The Soma Room and The Ealing Hero Campaign please visit their website here.