Queen’s Jubilee Roundup!

Queen’s Jubilee Bunting

Great to see so many of our business celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with the Make It Ealing bunting that was made in collaboration with Christ the Saviour Primary school. Here’s a selection of images of some of the storefronts (by no means all of them) that were seen with our bunting!



Digital Placemaking

In addition our digital place making endeavours, in the form of GIFs and AR filters, were a smash hit! The GIFs were seen and used over a combined 10 million times. This includes GIFs of the children’s bunting, as well as our very own Eali the Bear. You can take a look at them all by clicking here. To use our GIFs on social media simply search for “Ealing” or “Make It Ealing” on Instagram and/or Facebook. The AR filters were also used over 3,000 times with a total of over 10k views– most stemming from our throne on The Green.