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Elite Laser & Nails offers unparalleled service with real results. With Xlase Plus we're using the World’s Most Advanced and Versatile Laser that does it all!

The Diode applicator is considered the gold-standard of hair removal lasers as it can be used to treat all skin types effectively and with the fewest number of treatments.

The laser emits near-infrared laser light that is absorbed by the melanin located in the hair follicle. The laser is pulsed for only a fraction of a second. The duration of each pulse is long enough to damage the follicle, without damaging the surrounding tissue. It offers the ability to treat large areas fast with high efficacy and comfort.

For best results, multiple sessions will be needed, most areas 6-12 sessions are necessary to achieve desired hair clearance, with just a few touch ups that may be required over time.

61, The Mall, London, W5 3TA

Elite Laser & Nalis

61, The Mall, London, W5 3TA



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