Curious Roo Sponsors Sailor Racing Around the World
Posted on 30 Jul 2021 4:05 PM

Curious Roo Coffee Roasters have made a thrilling announcement! They are sponsoring Dafydd Hughes who has entered the Global Solo Challenge 2021/24 to sail single-handedly approximately 26000 nautical miles - all around the world.

Dafydd is well-matched with the specialty coffee roaster which prioritises ethical and sustainable sourcing, as his goal is to:

1) Complete the course, with zero emissions (or if not possible offset to zero)
2) Make the best use of recycled/refurbished equipment during the refit (without compromising safety or reliability)
3) Promote the link between nature and mental health

You can read more about Dafydd & his journey here. We look forward to following his exciting story.