What is F45?

It’s group fitness training in a fun, inclusive environment. Each session is managed by two personal trainers, with alternating days focusing on strength training and cardio or hybrid sessions, a combination of cardio including weights. The high intensity interval training classes last for 45 minutes, including both a warm-up and cool down.

Why F45 Training Ealing?

Whether your goal is to get fitter, stronger, leaner or train for an event, the sessions at F45 Training Ealing will support that aim. Each day is different, and you will never do the same workout twice. Exercises are programmed to support day-to-day activities, with progressions and regressions available throughout.

There’s also the F45 Training app that includes meal plans, nutritional guidance, at-home workouts and online stretch sessions. It’s our digital way of supporting every aspect of member’s wellbeing.

At F45 Ealing we pride ourselves on our strong community spirit. Opening in August 2018, we have a number of members with 1,000 classes under their belt, and one member about to reach their 1,500th. Their loyalty is testament to the community we have created around the gym.

Find out more?

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