Make It Ealing Pest Control

Make It Ealing has joined forces with Capital Pest Control Services to deliver free pest control to businesses.

We have listed the dates they will be attending each month and the day and areas they will visit on those dates. For example, businesses listed in area 1 will be visited on Tuesdays, businesses listed in area 2 on Wednesdays and businesses in area 3 on Wednesdays.

If the listed day is inconvenient, can you inform the office on 0208 567 7854. Capital Pest Control visits monthly and will service your business in the 3 days allocated in the schedule.

If you do not inform us of any issue and the contractors cannot gain access to the property, you will have to wait until the following month to be serviced.

We will only arrange a call-out if you experience an infestation problem between contractor visits.