We have contracted My Local Bobby (MLB) prolific crimes team, a professional private investigation firm, to patrol the BID area and work with BID businesses to track and reduce shoplifting.

Please note that My Local Bobby will NOT replace crime reporting to the MET police. They will offer extra support while on patrol to local businesses! We have introduced an information-sharing platform called Shopsafe so we can build GDPR-compliant information about persistent offenders. If you have any questions or require additional information about this initiative, please contact the Business support officer, Desh.

Please read the ShopSafe privacy policy by clicking here for information on how we handle your data.


Why has the BID contracted My Local Bobby?

This project supports local businesses within our BID Boundary area. It’s primarily to assist businesses that are hit with shoplifting. The team is NOT here to replace the MET Police but to offer support. They are also able to prosecute recurring shoplifters who meet certain thresholds.

What do they do?

They are an undercover presence appointed to reassure the business community. Our aim is to deter criminal activity by proactive patrols. In the event we are notified of criminality, our first response is to investigate and where evidence is secured, safely detain suspects until police arrive.  

How are they held accountable?

My Local Bobby staff are licensed professionals with the appropriate accreditation to perform the assigned role. Their employer holds them accountable for performing the tasks set out in their assignment instructions.

How are they recruited? 

All staff are recruited to the British standard 7858

What background checks have been carried out?

My Local Bobby (the company) carries out enhanced checks and obtains DBS Certificates before employment. Previous working history references are also obtained.

What is their level of training?

All staff are required to hold a minimum D/S license from the SIA (Security Industry Authority), which includes physical intervention, conflict management, first aid & counter-terrorism awareness training. My Local Bobby staff also have other specialist training.

What powers do they have? 

They hold the same level of power to perform a citizen’s arrest under common law, providing they have evidence to support any criminal behaviour or activity. The team have the power to detain individuals under citizen’s arrest as covered by section 24A of PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984).

Minors and youth

They do not handcuff minors. Where an offence has been committed, the police are notified immediately.

Rough Sleepers

My Local Bobby do not deal with rough sleepers or ASB, as it is not against the law to beg or sleep on the pavement. However, they can assist if there is recorded harassment or threat to safety.