Census Officer

It’s run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and gives us a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales.

The information we collect is used to make decisions that affect everyone – things like how many schools, surgeries and hospitals we need.

To make the census a success, we need a team of active, confident officers who can encourage people to complete the Census 2021 online questionnaire.

The role in this is important temporary role.

You can fit your hours around other commitments, as long as you work within the hours specified.About youWe’re looking for motivated individuals who can maintain accurate, timely records and keep the public’s information safe.

You will need plenty of resilience because you will be knocking on doors and meeting people from all walks of life.Some residents will have objections to filling in the questionnaire, and you will need to be confident, encouraging and engaging to help them overcome these barriers.You will also have excellent customer service skills, be at ease using smartphones and apps, and be able to stay professional and calm in challenging situations.You must be prepared to travel in this role, although the distance will vary depending on where you work