Every business within the Make It Ealing Business Improvement District (BID) can get a discounted rate from our waste suppliers – First Mile and Biffa – as a Make It Ealing BID levy payer. We give additional support to independent businesses with a free allocation of dry-mixed recycling bags if they use kerbside waste collection, proportional to 20% of the levy they pay per financial year (ex. paying £200 in the BID levy will make you eligible for £40 worth of bags). If you require more bags than the free allocation, you can purchase these at a discounted rate, which is only available because you are a BID levy payer.

Please note: businesses must register with the waste suppliers and have an account for their business in order to avail the discounted rates.

1. First Mile Discounted Rates
2. Biffa Discounted Rates
3. Free Recycling Bag Allocation Details
4. Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs)

First Mile Discounted Rates

The discounted rates that you’re eligible for with First Mile are set out in the table below.

If you’d like to avail your discount and set up an account with First Mile, please contact our liaison:

Hannah Goldsmith
e: hannah.goldsmith@thefirstmile.co.uk
m: 07710 395808

Biffa Discounted Rates

The discounted rates that you’re eligible for with Biffa are set out in the table below:

If you’d like to avail your discount and set up an account, please contact our liaison:

Sunny Raval
e: sunny.raval@biffa.co.uk
m: 07860 952372

Please note: Biffa usually charges a WTN fee. Biffa has agreed to remove this for new customers, but existing customers may still be charged. Please confirm your final costs with Sunny if you wish to move forward with Biffa. We advise all businesses to be vigilant regarding cardboard tape. Charges are levied per collection and billed at the end of every month. Leaving bags or card bundles out for collection with Biffa will not guarantee collection unless it is booked on their system. Also, please note that you are liable for a wasted journey charge if you book a collection and do not leave anything out.

Free Allocation of Mixed Recycling Bags

First Mile

For 2024-25, we will be moving to First Mile for the free allocation of dry mixed recycling bags for independent businesses that use kerbside bag collection. First Mile will use the details you supplied via email to set up an account. This is a requirement to avail the service and it will enable you to set collection dates, order additional services, and download your recycling WTN.

We have spent the 20% allocation on recycling bags only. Businesses can still buy tape for cardboard collection if they prefer, but it is equally economical to break down cardboard and put it into recycling bags. If the bundle is too large, you are also able to stick a bag onto the outside of the cardboard bundle.

If you run out of your free bag allocation, you can order more bags through your portal at the discounted rate (see above), which is only available to BID levy-paying businesses.

If you’re a new independent business and use kerbside waste collection, please contact the BID office via support@makeitealing.co.uk or 020 8567 7854 to learn more and avail your free bags.

Please note: the free allocation of bags is eligible for kerbside pickup only and is subject to your BID levy account being up-to-date with no outstanding debt.


If you have any remaining “Make It Ealing” Biffa recycling bags (transparent bags with green text), you can continue to use them during this transition period. Please let us know how many bags you have left so we can negotiate a timescale for collection services with Biffa. The aim is to discontinue the pre-paid Make It Ealing bag collections. as soon as possible.

From 31 May 2024, Make It Ealing will no longer pay for collecting cardboard bundles using Biffa tape. Unless your business has a contract with Biffa for this service, do not put cardboard out wrapped in Biffa tape, as it is not scheduled for collection, and you may risk a fine from Ealing Council.

Businesses with an existing account with Biffa are entitled to the discounted rate as shown above. Pease contact Sunny e: sunny.raval@biffa.co.uk m: 07860 952372 to discuss your account and the discount available.

Waste Transfer Notes (WTN)

By law, businesses must provide evidence of how they dispose of their daily business waste via a WTN. Ealing council insists businesses have a minimum of a general waste WTN. Companies unable to produce a WTN or caught leaving black bin bags out with residential waste will be fined.

Despite many protestations, a business can’t be 100% recyclable. Floor sweepings, coffee cups, tea bags, and soiled food wrappers are not recyclable. A recycling WTN provided by Make It Ealing will not satisfy the council’s general waste requirements. More details about this are available on the council website here.

Click the link below to download a copy of your Biffa 23-24 WTN (for the free allocation of recycling bags) and the accompanying service contract with your business name. If you face any issues with this WTN from Ealing Council, please contact the BID office via support@makeitealing.co.uk or 020 8567 7854.