Application Deadling for Upcoming Recover & Grow Course for SMEs

Application Deadling for Upcoming Recover & Grow Course for SMEs
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Recover & Grow is a new free six-week course from the London Business Hub and the Business School that can help you strengthen your business, build your resilience and set the foundations to grow.


As a business owner, it’s important to equip yourself not only with the knowledge and skills to deal with current challenges, but also a clear vision of where you want to take your business in the future – and how to get there.

If you’re a small to medium sized business owner looking to navigate the impact of COVID-19 and set a roadmap for the future, Recover & Grow will help you build your confidence and technical knowledge. Our free, intensive programme is designed to fit in with the busiest of schedules.


Over six weeks, you’ll:

Learn from the best business minds at a leading business school, working with the same expert trainers and coaches as London’s big businesses – but for free;

Cover the latest insights and best practice in areas such as finance, leadership, changing markets and technology;

Grow your leadership capacity, helping you make better use of your time, hone your skills and increase your expertise;

Be supported to step outside of your day-to-day operations to think strategically and with a long-term focus;

Build a network of fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to consult, grow with and be inspired by; and

Create and refine a tailored action plan for growing your business based on your own challenges and aspirations.


Eligibility criteria apply. 

Complete the registration form by 31 January 2021 to confirm your eligibility. 

Sunday, 31 January, 2021 - 23:00
Online Event
United Kingdom