Artists for Pitzhanger
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Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery is delighted to announce an exciting sale of limited edition artworks by leading artists who are generously supporting the initiative: Emily Allchurch, Anish Kapoor, Karen Knorr, Miyu Kurihara, John Riddy and Othello De’Souza-Hartley.

Works by the different artists, which will include limited edition photographic prints, ceramics and jewellery, launch on 30 September and will be sold through the month of October, with each artist having their own unique window of sales.

Artists for Pitzhanger will raise vital funds to help Pitzhanger’s recovery at this time of need, supporting our recent reopening and future learning and outreach programmes.

Wednesday, 30 September, 2020 - 08:45 to Saturday, 31 October, 2020 - 22:00
Mattock Lane
W5 5EQ
United Kingdom