Make It Ealing is a business improvement district. Working within a defined boundary area (see the BID area map) businesses contribute into a fund used to finance programmes, services and improvements to support local businesses and enhance the town centre.

Business-led, fully independent and trading as a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, Make It Ealing Ltd was set up by businesses to manage the area and look after the BID levy fund. A Board of Directors, representative of sector and sizes of businesses in Ealing, volunteer their time to oversee the management of the Company and ensure the project delivery benefits the businesses.

The programme of work is set into a ‘Business Proposal’ after engagement and consultation with business owners, tenants, the local authority, and appropriate agencies. These ideas, suggestions and plans form the outline of plans for the length of the term – five years. Businesses then vote in a confidential ballot, run by a third-party organisation (Electoral Reform Services). If the majority of businesses vote yes (in number and by rateable value) then all businesses pay into the fund for 5 years, before another vote.

Contributions are set at 1% of the business rateable value (i.e. if your rateable value is £13,500 a business will pay £135 per year).

The monies collected are ring fenced and spent directly on delivering the projects determined in the business plan.

The vision for Make It Ealing is to make our town centre, retail and commercial offer, a destination focus for visitors, residents and new businesses.

Make It Ealing is not a replacement for local authority of police services, instead offering additional support and tangible benefit to you, your employees and your business. We are focussed in our project delivery and responsive to businesses needs. We have a number of key aims including bettering the customer experience in the town centre, supporting the growth of a vibrant evening economy and ensuring Ealing town centre flourishes as town centre.